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We have drastically changed our business face this past year. By choice, we no longer own a retail store due to the growth of our custom design work both in weddings and our preserved line. We tend to average a bit over 20 weddings a season and I might honestly add, along with being born with only two hands, I’m a bit of a control freak. I’m fussy about the details and I make each and every piece myself whether it is 30, 75 or 225, I am the sole designer.

We are temporarily working from our home location and will soon create the right design space and showroom. We have our hands in a few other fun ideas as well…typical artist whose creative head did not come through with a “pause” button.

In the meantime, we have email, we have a phone number and I’ve been known to read smoke signals. Consultations can be done anywhere – my home, your home, the venue, the meadow, the mountaintop.

Along with that we have a stellar reputation and playful spirit.




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