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Meet Mauli

Let me introduce myself.

I am Mauli. I am the little girl whose mother scolded because I picked jack in the pulpits and lady slippers. I am the little spirit that brought twigs and pebbles and feathers into my bedroom and lined them up the way most children display their prized stuffed animals. I am the spirit who tried to bring my pony in the house through the back door thinking no one would notice. I am the spirit who climbed trees and counted stars and preferred being late for dinner because my hunger was satiated by the magic of nature.

As an adult, my internal landscape is a reflection of that “handshake’ I made many moons ago. I have been self-employed as a nature artist/designer for close to 30 years. It is not what I do but rather who I am. Fresh flowers filtered their way in shortly after mastering other mediums which I can say, gave me the skill and “eye” in perspective, in proportion and in color concept. Please visit to see my rustic wreaths, antler lamps, and other creations.

Along the journey my fascination for plant material turned into a sort of obsession -almost crazed love affair. I used to joke in saying, I think there is chlorophyll in my blood. I craved to play with shapes and textures of disparate materials and the juxtaposition of them almost branding a style my own.

Today, these many years later it is simply natural for me. The gift of original creativity and ability to call it forward from feeling to full manifestation is as organic as the relationship the wind has with the wheat field.


Love colorfully,

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